This application uses the Recipe Puppy API - a searchable index to a variety of recipe sources on the internet. Note: This is a free index.

The API returns up to 10 references per page per query. You need to tell it which page to retrieve - 1 through an unknown number. For example, there might be 40 pages of chicken recipes.

Select a page number, a dish type such as "entree" or "dessert", and one or more ingredients. If your selection criteria produces no hits, you'll get a message to that effect. There is no harm done. You can change your selection criteria and try again.

Index references may or may not have an associated graphic picture of the recipe. Usually the references that don't have pictures still refer to a site with recipe directions.

Lists of returned recipe references are sets of hotlinks. Click on the highlighted labels to route to a given recipe site. Note, all recipe sites are outside of the domain of the app. Some reference links are expired. Welcome to the world of free APIs. ;-)

Use your browser's Back button to return to the cache of the Recipe Puppy index as you left it.